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Live Virtual Event for students in School Years 11-13

If you are in Y11, Y12 or Y13 or equivalent, living in the UK, and are interested in a career within the NHS, you might be interested in the information below.

We are offering the opportunity for you to attend a live virtual evgent to listen to proffesionals talk about their career and answer questions put to them by the attendees. Proffesinoal areas taking part are Dentistry, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmac, Apprenticeships, Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Science and non clinical careers.

The events will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams platform, the time for all sessios is 2pm - 3:15pm. There will be 3 proffesional areas presenting at each event for a period of 20 minutes each, including question and answer.

You will need the approval of your schools career representative or form tutor. Their name and email address must be included on your applications form. We will discard any application form that does not contain this information

If you would like to attend the event, please complete and return the application form to

STH Live Virtual Event 11 February 2021

We are pleased to make available the recording of the above session

The professional areas presenting are:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing

Click here for the session recording

There are a couple of technical issues during the presentation, however, this in no way detracts from the hard work of the team.

Please also note that there is an error on the “Being a Nurse” slide, the required placement hours for nurses should read 2,300.


Years 10-13 Virtual Work Experience Resource

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is unable to offer physical work experience to school aged students currently, this is to protect you, our patients and our staff.

We have put together this virtual resource that will assist you in carrying out alternative work experience. The resource contains information on a variety of job roles within the NHS, both clinical and non-clinical.

The presentation includes:
• Personal experiences from STH staff
• Links to videos from the wider NHS
• Virtual Reality Work Experience Platforms
• Courses
• Useful links

We hope that you will engage with the resource and that you will find the information useful in considering a career within the NHS.


Resource Presentation

PowerPoint presentation to be viewed on computers/laptops
This format will play the presentation in its entirety, with recordings, You will need to use Google Chrome. This is not a suitable format for tablets and mobiles. If it does not download in a slidehsow format, please press shift and F5 when you open it to put it in a slideshow view.

Click here for the presentation 

PDF Format for mobiles and tablets. This format does not contain recordings as in the PowerPoint presentation above, however, if you do not have access to a computer/laptop, please use this version.

Click here for the presentation

Medic Mentor

For students that are interested in medicine or dentistry (please note that this is not an STH resource). Medic Mentors offer virtual work experience, which is a 30 hour commitment from a pupil over 6 months. Pupils recieve a certificate and they have a journal to complete for reflection, it covers 3 patient journeys: geriatric/adult and paediatric. Medic Mentor offers comprehensive support for pupils wanting to get into Medicine and Dentistry, including recommended reading lists.

If you would like any further information please visit

Link to virtual work experience 

The information is provided by Schools Team for Heath and Social Care Careers.

Danny’s Journey

This is an animated video by Health Education England, showing the various NHS Teams that are involved in Danny’s care after he sustains an injury. Click here for the video.


As part of the Education and Employers charity, the platform helps draw links between school subjects and jobs. It encourages young people to discover opportunities they may not have known about before. It shows what is possible in the world of work. Free and simple to use, the site features over 1000 videos of real people talking about their careers – explaining their job role, career path and how different factors have shaped their choices. Videos can be filtered by job type or subject and cover a range of sectors and levels.

Please click here - for healthcare related roles.

You can also visit career paths for guides and articles exploring issues at different career stages and decision points. These include GCSE options or university choices; exams and revision; and finding and applying for jobs. Please visit for more information.



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