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Freedom to Speak Up internet information

Here at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals we wish to ensure that all staff feel able and supported to raise concerns at work. This is why we have three Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and a number of Freedom to Speak Up Advocates who can help any member of staff in raising a concern

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians (and Advocates) help:

  • Protect patient safety and the quality of care
  • Improve the experience of workers
  • Promote learning and improvement

By ensuring that:

  • Workers are supported in speaking up
  • Barriers to speaking up are addressed
  • positive culture of speaking up is fostered
  • Issues raised are used as opportunities for learning and improvement


This to ensure that the STH has an open culture where concerns are raised and addressed as quickly as possible to ensure we offer the best quality service to our patients.

We encourage all our staff to raise any concern they have at work with their line manager in the first instance but we wanted to ensure that there are other routes via which they can raise concerns if they feel unable to do this and the Freedom to Speak Up route is one of these.

Any member of staff can get advice from our Guardians and Advocates on how to raise a concern and on the processes which can be followed to help resolve concerns. Information about the Guardian and Advocate roles are contained within the Trust’s Freedom to Speak Up Policy.

A list of our current Guardians and Advocates can be obtained via the HR pages of the Trust’s intranet site or by contacting the Trust's HR department.

Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardians are:


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