Child Tax Credit / Working Tax Credit 

Parents working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are able to access working tax credit to help them with the costs of bringing up children.

Working Tax Credit is an in-work tax credit for families, which includes an element to support the costs of registered approved childcare for working parents.

To qualify for support, the childcare must be:

  • Schools or other establishments that are exempt from registration
  • Out of school hours clubs run by a school on a school premises or by a local authority
  • Registered childminders, nurseries, play schemes or out of school clubs
  • Childcare for children aged 8 or over who are approved by specifically accredited organisations
  • approved home child-carers.

Child Tax Credit is paid into the bank account of the main carer (the person in the family who is mainly responsible for looking after the children).

Families on incomes of up to £58,000 a year (or £66,000 a year if there is at least one child who is less than a year old) can benefit from Child Tax Credit whether or not they are working. This money is to acknowledge and support the costs of bringing up children.

To find out if childcare arrangements are eligible or to apply for working tax credit, contact the Inland Revenue on 0845 300 3900 or visit



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