Travel Equipment

Equipment can also be purchased online direct from our suppliers-please click here if required.

Payments will be taken using a debit/credit card.

Single box net £23
Double box ne £27
Single Wedge Net £29
Insect repellent spray £7.50
Insect repellent roll on £6
Electric mosquito killer £8.50
Battery mosquito killer £12.50
Mosquito coil £4.50
Tick remover £4.50
Clothing treatment £9
Flight socks S/M/L £13
Universal Plug £5
Universal Adapter £5
Sterile Kit £16
Chlorine Dioxide droplets £9.50



Additional Information

To make an appointment please call 0114 2712608 mon-fri 9am-11am.

When you have made your appointment you may either complete a questionnaire online and print and bring a copy with you or alternatively you may complete one on your arrival.

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