Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation centre - ‘SPARC’

Beech Hill

Practical Information

Where are we?
Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre
Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield S2 3QE


Public transport
The nearest tram stop is Park Grange Croft on the blue or purple route.
It is approximately 10 mins walk.

Visiting times are 8am – 8pm.

There is a reception until 5pm and they will direct any visitors. If you are arriving in the evening there is a side door with a buzzer where someone will let you in.

There is some parking at SPARC for visitors but this is limited and becomes full at busy times. (no charges)

Food and drink
Many patients at SPARC are on special diets and drinks. There will be information about this up in your room. Family can bring in food. We ask that they check with staff first if you are on a special diet. At the moment we do not have anywhere that families can heat food.

If you or your family members need some help speaking or understanding English we can arrange for an interpreter. Please ask a member of staff.

A hairdresser visits most weeks. Ask staff to put your name on her list if you would like to be seen.

Feedback or questions about your care
If you have any questions or are unhappy with any aspect of your care please talk to the team.

There is also a patient liaison service if you are unable to sort out the issues directly with our team.

Sheffield teaching Hospitals have a no smoking policy and we ask that visitors respect this whilst on the grounds or in the building.

SPARC Contact Number

Reception 0114 3078122

What to Expect

The Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation centre opened as a specialist unit for Stroke patients in Spring 2017. 

Most patients have their own room with an en-suite bathroom. SPARC has an integrated ward culture, and you will have access to a ‘Welcome to SPARC’ information pack.
There are two wards at Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation centre. Both are for Stroke patients. Norfolk ward is downstairs and Shrewsbury ward is upstairs.

Once you are settled the team will meet you. We will work together with you to identify your goals and rehabilitation programme. We aim to ensure your family and friends are involved as much as you would like in your rehabilitation journey.

There are a variety of facilities and activities at SPARC to support your rehabilitation, including group activities.

Meals are usually taken in the dining rooms, but you can choose to have them in your room if you prefer.
Therapy, activities and groups occur at various points during the day.

The garden is open to you and your visitors. There are benches for you to sit at. Dogs are welcome in the grounds. Please speak to staff if you wish to discuss anything further.

We have a range of volunteers and charities that visit the unit.

Meet The Team

Stroke Services in Sheffield

Medical Team

Doctors visit the unit to monitor your medical situation and support you with your rehabilitation goals.

Stroke Services in Sheffield

Stroke Nurses and Support Workers on the ward

The nursing staff will monitor you daily. They are there to make sure you are safe and cared for and that you have the support and advice you need.

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The pharmacy team will support you with any queries or questions you have about your medication. The pharmacist will work with the wider team to help you become as independent as possible with your medication. They have aids and techniques to help you with taking your own medication.

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Physiotherapist (PT)

Therapy will work towards your own personal goals. It may involve techniques and exercise to improve the control and movement of the body. The aim of treatment is to enable you to become as independent as possible in everyday life. You may have Physiotherapy in the gym, in your room or in a practical activity e.g. in the garden or the kitchen.

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Occupational Therapist (OT)

The Occupational therapist will see how the stroke has affected your ability to carry out and organise everyday activities. They may also look at your thinking skills such as concentration and memory. Therapy will focus on your own personal goals. It might take place in everyday activities e.g. supporting you to wash and dress yourself, making food or drink in the kitchen or planting plants in the garden

Stroke Services in Sheffield

Speech & Language Therapist (SLT)

A stroke can lead to problems affecting your speaking, understanding, reading & writing. The Speech and Language therapist will help you understand these changes. They will see what helps you communicate. They will offer you therapy. Swallowing food and drink can become difficult or unsafe after a stroke. This may have led to a special diet or thickened drinks or needing alternative feeding. We will review this regularly and see what exercises might help.

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You may need to see a dietitian. They can assess your nutritional needs and advise how these should be met.

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Visual problems are common after a stroke and this can affect the rest of your rehabilitation. Orthoptists are eye-care professionals who assess how a stroke has affected your vision.

Stroke Services in Sheffield


Many people see a psychologist after having a stroke, which can feel scary at first. Reasons for this might be Anxious thoughts and worries, Low mood, Intense emotions, changes in cognitive ability or Adjusting to life after stroke. The psychologist is there to support you and your loved ones with these changes.

Stroke Services in Sheffield

Activities Co-ordinators

There are two activity co-ordinators at SPARC. They will be doing a variety of therapeutic activities to engage and inspire patients in their rehabilitation.

Stroke Services in Sheffield

House Keeping Staff

The team prepare meals, help the unit stay clean and support with mealtimes and food choices.