Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a systematic evaluation of a client’s abilities, carried out by our Occupational Therapists using a recognised protocol.

The FCE provides a comprehensive initial assessment that gathers detailed information about the client’s health and medical history:

• current performance ability
• activities of daily living
• details of work history.

This is an in-depth, customised evaluation that combines objective measurements with professional clinical judgment. We identity transferable skills where appropriate.

Assessments usually last five hours. We examine:

• postural and mobility tolerances
• upper limb function
• manual handling
• fitness and endurance
• effort provided
• reliability of pain and disability reported by the client.

After the assessment we provide a comprehensive report. This report contains details of the assessment, test results, and a summary highlighting the main, relevant findings together with our recommendations.

Consists of:

1hr Pre-Assessment
5hrs Assessment
Comprehensive Report



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