Useful links for hearing aid users

C2hear – for information and videos on maintenance of hearing aids and communication tactics

Tinnitus UK – Information, treatment, and support available for tinnitus

Connevans – for information on what accessories are compatible with your hearing aid type

Hearing Link – information on hearing loss, hearing aids, equipment, tinnitus, balance conditions, communication tactics, accessing support groups

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) – information on ear health, hearing loss, tinnitus, equipment, accessing government benefits, local support services, support at work, deaf awareness and communication support

Deaf Citizens Advice Team – Provide information on accessing universal credit and support through British Sign Language

Lip reading practice – Free videos and tutorials to practice lipreading skills online

Useful links for patients with vestibular and balance issues

Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s ENT-physiotherapy videos
• Videos of exercises of dizziness and balance
• Videos of exercises for visual vertigo -

British Tinnitus Association – information and support for tinnitus

Meniere’s Society

The Migraine Trust

Vestibular migraine

Sheffield IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) – information on self-referral to local psychological services. This can be beneficial to those whose anxiety, stress and depression symptoms exacerbate their dizziness symptoms.






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