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The NGH ED is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Relatives and visitors of patients are free to attend at any time. Please however restrict attendances to the ED to relevant visits as the ED is frequently extremely busy with free space at a premium.
Telephoning the ED to enquire about your relative is also possible but please restrict the calls to important or urgent queries only, due to the busy nature of the department. We are also bound by confidentiality laws which may restrict the information given over the phone, especially clinical information. 

We are unable to give ED patient waiting times over the telephone.

Further Information

Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Videos

Accident and Emergency Patient information

This table is currently being updated, all the links will be available soon. In the meantime use the link above for the full list.

General leaflets

A journey through the Accident and Emergency Department (Easy Read)

Choose well (Poster) [Sheffield CCG]

Discharge advice following a visit to the Emergency Department

Your visit to the Emergency Department

Suspected coronavirus (COVID-19): Important information to keep you safe while isolating at home
Ear, Nose and Throat

Acute facial palsy

Nose injury and nose bleeds

Major trauma
Major trauma: What next?
Medical leaflets

Diarrhoea and vomiting: discharge advice


Minor injuries

Acute neck pain

Baker's cyst

Care of cuts and lacerations

Early Shoulder Exercises

Head injury discharge advice

How to care for an injury to a joint at home (Video) [Health&Care Videos]

Hygiene, dressing, sleeping and sitting with your shoulder problem (Video) [Health&Care Videos]

How to fit your sling without a body belt (Video) [Health&Care Videos]

Looking after a broken limb while it is in plaster

Mallet finger

Post-traumatic amnesia

Pretibial lacerations

Rib injury

Sprained ankle

Mental health

Dealing with sleep problems after a traumatic event

Feeling on the edge

Feeling under the weather? NHS self care advice (Video) [Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group]

How to deal with anxiety (Video) [Health&Care Videos]

Top tips for fighting depression (Video) [Health&Care Videos]

Emergency Eye Clinic: Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing
Venous thromboembloism

DVT– Further tests needed to rule out DVT

DVT– No evidence of clinically significant DVT

DVT– No evidence of clinically significant DVT repeat scan

Superficial thrombophlebitis




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