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Geriatric Medicine and Elderly Care

Geriatric Medicine and Elderly Care service aimed at the needs of older people, providing specialist services for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and more general conditions such as unexplained falls and undefined health deterioration.

We work in partnership with several other departments to provide a multidisciplinary approach across many of our services, with a dedicated Day Rehabilitation Unit on the NGH site and outreach into the Community.

We see and care for patients with:

  • Undifferentiated Illness and General Frailty
  • Parkinson’s Disease (and Parkinsonian symptoms)
  • General Movement Disorders
  • Acute Confusion
  • Complex Medicines Management
  • Stroke and the after-effects
  • Falls assessments and investigation
Referral address

Cross city booking office
Referral and Contact Centre,
Medical Outpatients,
Royal Hallamshire Hospital,
Glossop Road,
S10 2JF

Clinic days

Clinics at Northern General Hospital 

Outpatients One 
Weds all day, 

Outpatients Two
Tuesday, Thurs and Friday am.

Various clinics  are held in Day Rehabilitation Unit every day.

Clinics at Royal Hallamshire Hospital,  

Medical Outpatients, A Floor:
Tuesday am,
Friday all day.

Consultants Special Interest Hospital Site Contact Number
Dr A Rash Stroke NGH  0114 271 4996
Dr BJ Liddle  Parkinson’s Disease NGH  0114 27 14794
Dr CA Austin Dementia NGH 0114 27 14135
Dr DF daCosta Stroke NGH 0114 27 14041
Dr M Jennings Stroke NGH/RHH  
Dr CE Ruse COPD  NGH 0114 27 15712
Dr NC Samaniego Parkinson’s Disease and Community Geriatrician RHH 0114 27 13918
Dr PJ Lawson (Lead Consultant) Falls, tilt table NGH
0114 27 14081
Dr BH Rosario Stroke RHH 0114 27 11768
Dr TW Downes  Falls NGH/RHH 0114 27 11591
Dr C Whitehead Community Geriatrician RHH 0114 271 3789
Dr H Elphick Orthogeriatrics NGH 0114 226 6419
 Dr S Madan Orthogeriatrics and Community Geriatrician NGH 0114 22 66419
Dr V Clubb Hospital and Community Geriatrician NGH  0114 22 66419
Dr S Skanthan Stroke NGH  
Dr P May Orthogeriatrics NGH 0114 22 66419


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