Endometriosis Centre

Our Endometriosis Centre is accredited by the British Society of Gynaecology Endoscopy (BSGE) as a specialist Centre for Endometriosis in South Yorkshire.

What does an accredited endometriosis centre mean?

The BSGE developed a national accreditation process that aims to enhance the delivery of care for women suffering with severe (rectovaginal) endometriosis. To become an accredited centre certain criteria have to be met. This includes regular and continuous performance of complex surgical treatment for women with advanced endometriosis, a key core team that demonstrates multidisciplinary involvement in addition to annual monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the Endocentre at a national level.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team provides diagnosis and treatment to women with all grades of endometriosis ranging for mild disease to the most advanced disease involving bowels and urinary tract. Our surgeons are experts in laparoscopic (Key hole) surgery and we are proud of being able to provide treatment to the most advanced cases using key hole surgery.

Who are our team members?


Mr A. Baxter, Consultant gynaecologist & Endometriosis service lead
Mr K. Abdallah, Consultant gynaecologist
MR I. Adam, Consultant Colo-rectal surgeon

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS):
Miss K. Johnson

Rebecca O’Shea (CNS)

How do you get referred to our service?

  1. Your GP will have to refer you into the hospital for assessment.
  2. Another consultant may refer you to the endometriosis team for an expert opinion and treatment.

What happens at your first appointment?

You first appointment may be conducted via Telephone or in person

Before you are seen you may be asked to complete an online questionnaire, instructions can be found with your appointment letter. At your first appointment you will be seen by a member of our team who will perform an initial assessment, including obtaining your current BMI.

An examination may be undertaken; this generally includes both an external and internal assessment. The specialist will discuss their findings and make recommendations based on your symptoms, preference, health & medical history.

Further investigations may be required to help with a diagnosis and plan treatment; these may include a pelvic ultrasound scan and a pelvic MRI.

We understand that some of the investigations may have been done in the past. Our team of specialists will decide wither any of those investigations need repeating.

If further investigations are not required we may be able to commence medical treatment on your first appointment and/or offer you surgery which will be performed at a later date.

We pride ourselves of being focused on individualised patient care where every patient has the chance to share their views of their management plan with our specialist team.

Contact us

Our telephone number is 0114 2268441 (Gynaecology Outpatient Department)

Email: sth.sheffieldendonurses@nhs.net

Useful resources:

Links to endometriosis national websites

Links to Patient information leaflets in PDF format

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