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The Team

The team in general radiography perform x-rays from many referral sources and are an integral and important part of the hospital.

The general radiography department is staffed by people including: Radiographers, Assistant Practitioners, Radiologists, Nurses, Clerical staff, and Imaging Assistants.

When you come in for your x-ray you will be met by a radiographer or assistant practitioner who will perform your examination:

Who are radiographers?

Radiographers are state registered professionals who are highly trained and have undergone three years of study at University and hold a degree. They are specialists in medical imaging.

Who are assistant practitioners?

Assistant practitioners are trained to take limited x-rays under the supervision of a Radiographer.

Your x-rays will then be interpreted by specially-trained doctors called radiologists or advanced practitioner radiographers.

As a large teaching hospital we also have many student radiographers and trainee assistant practitioners within the department.

Service Leads

The team is led by:

Robert Gee- General Radiology Manager
Hayley Ashton- Superintendent Radiographer
Louise McCann- Superintendent Radiographer
Debbie McGarty- Superintendent Radiographer

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