Bone sarcomas

The Sheffield specialist sarcoma service is a soft tissue sarcoma service.

Newly diagnosed or suspected cases of bone sarcoma should be referred directly to the bone sarcoma service at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. This is best done through an Orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital local to the patient.

We do have close links to the Birmingham Bone sarcoma service and are happy to be involved in management of patients on their recommendation such as organising investigations and biopsies in Sheffield. Surgery for patients in the region with Bone sarcoma is performed in Birmingham.

The Sheffield team provide oncology services such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy for bone sarcomas on the recommendation of the Birmingham unit. Patients in the region who have been treated for bone sarcoma are often followed up in a joint clinic with a member of the Birmingham Bone sarcoma team, which takes place on a 3 monthly basis at Weston Park hospital.

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