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On this page you will find links to information about a range of cardiac conditions and other information.

Each of the links opens in a new page so you will still be able to look around our website once you have clicked on a name. These links are to trusted sources from The British Heart Foundation, the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland and NHS Choices.

The information is provided to support the consultation you have with your doctor or surgeon, it is not intended that this information would replace the need for a face to face meeting. We hope you find them useful:


British Heart Foundation links

Preventing heart disease
"Information on healthy eating, staying active and other factors that can help keep your heart healthy."

"Information on every heart condition and tell you how to get support if you have one."

"Learn about the different tests used to find out how your heart is doing or diagnose a condition."

"Find out about the treatments that are available if you have a heart condition."

Living with a heart condition
"Information on the lifestyle changes you may have to make if you have a heart condition."

Risk factors
"Information on smoking, a poor diet and other factors that increase your risk of heart disease."

How your heart works

"Everything you need to know about the most important muscle in the human body."

Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland links

Information for patients and the Public
"Information for patients, their families, friends, and carers, helpful information about their medical condition. This includes publishing material about the hospitals and consultant surgeons in the UK that specialise in cardiothoracic surgery."

Adult Cardiac Surgery
"Information on various Cardiac Surgery methods for different conditions and information on patient pathways and what to expect after surgery"

Thoracic Surgery
"Information on various Thoracic Surgery methods"

NHS Choices links

Healthy Hearts
"Information for patients on maintaining a healthy heart including tips on lowering cholesterol, how to look after your heart as well as information on various screening programmes and tools to check BMI and your heart's age.

Chest Pain
"Information on possible causes of chest pain regarding the heart but also other possible causes such as Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, bone or muscle problems, anxiety , lung conditions and other possible causes."

Coronary Heart Disease
"Overview on CHD including symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prevention"


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