Cardiac Arrhythmia

The team helps patients with heart rhythm problems. The patients we see are troubled by palpitations caused by fast or irregular heartbeats. We also see patients with slow heart rhythms who need implantable devices such as pacemakers, and patients at high risk of life threatening heart rhythms, who need implantable cardiac defibrillators .


Electrophysiology and device Consultants

Dr J Sahu
Dr N Kelland
Dr J Lee
Dr A Kyriacou
Dr R Bowes

Device Consultants

Dr D Rogers
Dr N Lewis

Visiting Consultants: Drs Sheridan, Smith, Nagarajan

Patient Information

You will find links to information and patient guides regarding arrhythmias.

Each of the links opens in a new page so you will still be able to look around our website once you have clicked on a name.

These links are to trusted sources however the information is provided to support the consultation you have with your doctor and is not intended that this information would replace the need for a face to face meeting.


Additional Information

Contact Numbers

For all outpatient enquires call

0114 2714047

If you have concerns regarding your pacemaker or ICD, please contact our secretary on

0114 2715379

To speak to the arrhythmia Nurse team call

0114 2269310

Referral contact address

Arrhythmia Coordinator
CRM Office
Chesterman Wing
Northern General Hospital
Herries Rd

S5 7AU



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