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Dr N Lewis

  • Consultant Cardiologist



Specialist Clinical Interests

Inherited Cardiac Conditions
Cardiac Devices and Device/Lead extraction
Heart Failure
Exercise Physiology

Research Interests

Inherited Cardiac Conditions
Cardiac Devices and Device/Lead extraction
Heart Failure

Professional Profile

I am a consultant cardiologist based at the Northern General Hospital. I am one of the primary cardiac device implanters and lead for device and lead extraction. I assist with the running of the inherited cardiac conditions service and have specialist interests in heart muscle diseases and channelopathies. I also assist with delivery of the heart failure service and support the ambulatory intravenous diuretic service and community heart failure team. I have an active research portfolio and am currently PI and sub-PI for 4 clinical trials.

Education and Training

University of Manchester – MB ChB
RCP (Edin)- FRCP
University of Leeds- PhD
BSE- Echo
Devices accreditation- BHRS

Current membership(s) of professional, national and regional bodies and university posts

Honorary Clinical Lecturer- University of Sheffield


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Additional Information

Contact Details

Telephone Number: 0114 3052479
Fax: Number: 0114 2610350


Name: Jessica Beech
Telephone: 0114 271 4710



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