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Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre

The Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre is a unit providing comprehensive Spinal Cord Injuries services for patients, with facilities for acute, rehabilitation and continuing care. Caring for patients within Yorkshire, North and North-West England, the East and West Midlands and East Anglia, the Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre is the second largest Spinal Injuries centre in the United Kingdom. As well as three wards equipped with 64 beds across 3 wards and an outpatient centre, it has a physiotherapy and occupational therapy unit, an operating theatre and a radiography suite.

Spinal Injuries is part of the Specialised rehabilitation Directorate, along with Neurorehabiliataion and M&SRC (Prosthetics, Orthotics and Wheelchair Services).

Because our rehabilitation patients are with us for life, the Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre strives to maintain a sense of community. As well as the continuing care in clinical and therapy facilities, it is home to a large, dedicated sports hall used by our patients and as a training facility for the Sheffield Steelers. As such, the centre is a place of familiar faces for our patients and a place to expand their lives to suit their disability.

The centre is designed as a self-contained unit, with a dedicated multidisciplinary team consisting of Medical Consultants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Urologists, Nursing Staff, a Radiographer, a Clinical Pharmacist, a Dietician, a Psychologist and a Social Worker. Our wards are equipped with 4 Ventilator Support beds and our therapy unit contains a specialised gym, a hydrotherapy pool and an in-house flat in which patients can practice everything they’ll need for living at home before transfer. The centre also provides investigation facilities with provision for day case surgery in its outpatient department and community liaison services.

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