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Inpatient Wards

Who are we?
The SKI has two wards for inpatients (Renal E Floor and Renal F Floor) where we look after people that have problems with how their kidneys are working. The patients that are looked after here need:

  • Urgent or emergency dialysis treatment
  • A kidney transplant
  • Tests to find out what's wrong with their kidneys

Our Matron is Mrs. Christine Stubbs

When will you meet us?

You will meet us if you:

  • Need complex tests and investigations to find out what is causing your kidney disease
  • Are having a kidney transplant
  • Are unwell and need extra support from renal doctors and nursing staff

Some patients may be treated as a day case.

How might we be able to help you?
We can help you by:

  • Finding the cause of your kidney disease
  • Treating the symptoms causing your inpatient stay 
  • In many cases, treat the cause of the illness that means you need to stay in hospital, for example, an infection or dialysis access problems

There are other members of the healthcare team that can help during your stay:

  • Renal Pre-treatment Advisor
  • Social Worker
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Transplant Practitioner
  • Dietitian

How can you contact us?

  • Renal E Floor: 0114 271 5331 or 0114 271 4323
  • Renal F Floor: 0114 226 6391 or 0114 271 5886

Useful information
 Eating well during your hospital stay with kidney failure

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