Going into Hospital

After your pre operative assessment you will receive details regarding your admission time and ward from the waiting list coordinator for your consultant.

However, it is essential that if your health changes significantly between your assessment and admission or you have a change in medication which your GP thinks is of significance please contact CPOA.

If you feel unwell in the week before admission please contact the pre operative assessment unit on 0114 2266235 or 0114 2266369

What should I bring?

Bring or a current prescription or print out summary from your GP showing any medication you are currently taking and any details of any over the counter or herbal medications you might be taking. Bring your glasses and any hearing aids you normally wear. You can bring a friend or relative to escort you if you wish.

You may wish to bring a snack or a sandwich with you as generally your assessment may take up 3 hours.

There are refreshments available at coffee shops around the city centre.

If you are a carer it may be necessary for you to arrange alternative care for the person you care for as your appointment may last for 3 hours. Please inform us if you are a carer so we can liaise over admission arrangement.

You can bring a friend or relative to escort you if you wish. They may be asked to wait in the waiting room due to lack of space in consulting rooms, however carers can accompany the patient to see the nurse practitioner. We recommend that you bring a snack and a drink with you as your assessment may take up to 3 hours. It is important that you have had a drink prior to any blood tests.

How to get here

The pre-operative assessment unit has now moved, new address below:

Central Pre-operative assessment clinic
Central Health Clinic
1 Mulberry Street
S1 2PJ

Phone number - 0114 22 66369

You can find out more information on how to get here by clicking HERE

Patient transport services 

You are eligible for PTS if:

  • You have a medical condition that requires the skills and support of PTS staff during the journey, or if travelling by other means would have a negative impact on your condition or recovery.
  • Your medical condition affects your mobility so that you can't access healthcare by yourself, or if travelling by other means would have a negative impact on your condition or recovery.
  • You are recognised as a parent or guardian of children who are being transported.

Eligibility for PTS should be determined by a healthcare professional or a non-clinically qualified member of staff who is clinically supervised or working within locally agreed guidelines, and employed by or working under contract for the NHS.

PTS could also be given to a patient’s escort or carer where their particular skills or support are needed. This could include someone accompanying a person with a physical or mental disability or a vulnerable adult, or a patient's translator. However, this would need to be agreed in advance when transport is booked.

Please contact 0300 330 2000 to book patient transport. If you book transport please inform your waiting list team and only book for morning appointments, the latest time we will accept transport patients is 1pm. The clinic is not accessible to stretcher patients, please phone us if you need a stretcher, we will try to make other arrangements.

For more information on the eligibility criteria for patient transport service services click here.


Patient Leaflet


Having an operation - Your pre-operative assessment and what to do next

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or need to rescedule your appointment.

0114 2266235 or 0114 2266369


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