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Our Team

We are an integrated team of Orthopaedic & Plastic surgery trained staff consisting of:

Hand Surgeons

Mr Steve Bostock Miss Jenny Caddick Mr Mark Hobson Miss Gill Rose
Miss Ros Harper Mr Chris Baldwin Miss M Birks Mr Phil Storey



We have two nursing teams; one staffs the day ward and clinic areas, the other in Hand Theatres. They are responsible for the day to day patient care and planning of care from arranging admission to ensuring the appropriate equipment will be available to surgeons for operations. In outpatients they deal with dressings and ensure the smooth running of the clinic.

Sister Maria Gosling leads the clinic/ward team and Sister Vicky Hibbert the theatre team. Matron Christine Haigh has overall responsibility for the Hand Centre.




 In addition the senior nursing staff share the role of trauma co-ordinator. This is essential work to keep track of the injured patients needing further care and appropriately match up operating time with those patients where necessary



Hand Therapy

We have an excellent team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists working with hand patients in our unit. They work closely with the surgeons to maximise the benefit from surgery and to treat some problems without surgery.

Clinical Psychology

The Psychology service at the Northern General Hospital is available to support individuals who have been affected by trauma. The service can be accessed by nurses, therapists and the medical team on behalf of their patients




The administrative staff supporting the Sheffield Hand Centre come from both the Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery directorates. Their role is essential to allow appointments to be made, notes to be available and admission details kept up to date.


We are part of the Musculoskeletal Services Directorate and have the benefit of an experienced management and scheduling team.



Contact us

Phone numbers:
  • For outpatient queries please call 0114 271 5684
  • For queries about patients attending for an operation please call 0114 305 2364


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