Neonatal Unit

As the regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the Yorkshire and Humber Neonatal Operational Delivery Network, the Jessop Wing provides care for Sheffield babies as well as babies from other units. We provide specialist care for babies born prematurely or who become unwell. All categories of intensive care are provided with the exception of some heart problems. If a baby requires surgery the preoperative and postoperative care takes place here on the Neonatal Unit and the surgery is performed at the Sheffield Children's Hospital.

The unit comprises of:

• 15 intensive care cots
• 6 high dependency cots
• Up to 18 special care cots
• Up to 6 transitional care cots


Neonatal Unit
Jessop Wing
Tree Root Walk
Sheffield, S10 2SF
Tel: 0114 226 8356

Follow-up Clinic

Mon – Fri
Neonatal Follow-up Clinic
Level 2, Jessop Wing

For more information about this service call 0114 226 1034.


Dr Porus Bustani – Clinical Lead
Dr James Blythe
Dr Hazel Clargo
Dr Simon Clark
Dr Helen Dyson
Dr Vincent Kirkbride
Dr Kirsteen Mackay
Dr Rebecca Musson
Dr Elizabeth Pilling
Dr Anand Sharma
Dr Catherine Smith
Dr Chris Vas
Dr Tamanna Williams

Visiting on the Neonatal Unit

The Jessop Wing Neonatal Unit has its own visiting guidelines for families and friends.

Parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters of babies can visit at any time. Other family members can visit between 8.00am and 8.00pm. However, please remember that you may be asked to leave the unit during ward rounds, treatments or to respect the privacy and dignity of other parents.

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