The Northern General Hospital is one of the main teaching hospitals for the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The NGH ED has a regular intake of medical undergraduate students from the University of Sheffield and nursing students from the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Hallam University.

The department is heavily involved in the training of junior and senior nurses. Nursing courses that are held in the department include:
• Introduction to Emergency Medicine Nursing
• Minor Injuries Management for Nurses
• Nursing Assistant Practitioner Training programme

The Emergency Department have junior and senior trainees from:
• Foundation Year 2 (FY2)
• Acute Care Common Stem programme (ACCS)
• Core Medical Training programme
• General Practice Vocational Training Scheme (GPVTS)
• South Yorkshire Acute Medicine Training programme
• Yorkshire School of Emergency Medicine (South Yorkshire Rotation)

We occasionally have and welcome overseas/international trainees in Emergency Medicine and also trainees from other specialities.

If interested in Sheffield Emergency Medicine courses, please visit:


The Northern General ED has had a long tradition in being actively involved in research. There are 2 established Professors of Emergency Medicine (Professor Goodacre and Professor Mason) based in the department who are involved in Emergency Medicine research. Both professors also support and mentor candidates through their higher degree programmes.

If interested in academic Emergency Medicine or research, please visit:


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