Chest Pain Observation Unit

The Chest Pain Observation Unit is a nurse led environment within the Northern General Hospital Emergency Department which provides consistent and timely assessment of patients presenting with acute undifferentiated chest pain. This service is available everyday from 0900-1900. The protocol driven service facilitates early detection and management of those with myocardial infarction whilst enabling the safe discharge of the majority of individuals in whom a significant cardiac pathology can be excluded.

The rule out process involves serial electrocardiograms (ECG), chest radiographs and blood tests including cardiac markers and the potential for Exercise Tolerance Testing to aid further risk stratification prior to discharge. The service is closely allied with and supported by the cardiology team within the Hospital at large. The Cardiology department at the Northern General Hospital is the regional tertiary referral unit.

The nurse specialists responsible for supervising the process also provide expert support and guidance to the emergency physicians in caring for patients across the cardiac spectrum.

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) Unit or Sheffield DVT centre

We have a team of Specialist Nurses in the Emergency Department who investigate, diagnose and treat DVT/Pulmonary Emboli (PE). Patients from primary care and self referring patients who have suspected DVT are assessed in the Emergency Department of the Northern General Hospital. Patients with a DVT diagnosed are usually treated as an outpatient with anticoagulation and follow up in the anticoagulation clinic under the haematology department.
DVT patients are given education and advice by the Specialist Nurses regarding their diagnosis, treatment and the risks involved.

Patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary emboli will usually require admission under the care of the chest physicians. It is envisaged that in the future these patients could be treated in the outpatient setting.

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