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Spinal Cord Electrophysiology Clinical Services

We see and care for patients with:with scoliosis, kyphosis and other degenerative disorders of the spine. 

We also contribute to clinical sessions held in the spinal injuries unit to see patients who have suffered a major spinal cord injury and who have opted to take advantage of the SARs assistive technology to maintain quality of life.
Our service is spilt into two areas

Intraoperative Spinal Cord Monitoring (ISCM)

Single mode spinal cord monitoring has been performed by the group since 1989. Specifically, the ISCM technique is used for monitoring the health of the spinal cord during surgical corrections for scoliosis, kyphosis and other degenerative disorders of the spine performed by orthopaedic surgeons.

Sacral Anterior Root Stimulators (SARs)

Specifically the SARs medical devices use electrical stimulation applied to spinal roots to provide bladder, bowel and erection control.

Other Areas of Expertise within the Group:

  • Transcranial & Peripheral magnetic nerve stimulation
  • Nerve conduction velocity measurements

 For more information about this service call 0114 2711612.

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