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Spiritual care for all 


What do we offer?

Chaplains are available to all patients, visitors and staff, of any faith or belief background. This includes everyone, whoever they are and whatever they believe. Being in hospital or having someone important to you admitted can be a very worrying time. We are here to explore what matters most to people in their particular situation and to offer support. As part of the wider hospital multi-disciplinary team, we will aim to carry out a sensitive pastoral and spiritual assessment of each person’s needs.

Chaplains can help with the deep concerns which affect us all as human beings, relating to values, meaning, and identity. As specialists in providing spiritual care, we can explore issues around life and death, meaning and hope, ethical decisions and important relationships.

While not offering formal counselling, we are experienced listeners, particularly in times of change and crisis, and are able to affirm people in times of need. We also help individuals, families and groups to mark significant moments in life and death through the use of ritual, words and symbolic actions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we continue to support staff, patients and those important to them. We always have a Chaplain available, particularly in an emergency – please see our contact details below. If you would like a member of the chaplaincy team to visit a friend or relative in hospital, please use the contact details below for the hospital where they are a patient. The patient’s name will be passed to the appropriate member of the team.

Please note that during the Covid-19 crisis we are following national guidance and local policy. All our chapels, prayer rooms and spaces have been made Covid-secure with posters indicating how to maintain social distancing and infection control measures.


Chaplains have time to sit and be with people at a time of need and provide person-centred support. We provide support for people from any faith and belief backgrounds which include non-religious beliefs.


Chaplains listen and respect individual feelings, beliefs and values. We do not push a particular agenda. We are here to support people of all ages, backgrounds, identities and ethnicities. We will always endeavour to listen to what matters most to you and if you wish, we can signpost you to seek further support.


Chaplains help create space for you to talk about things on your mind, make sense of your experiences and provide a safe space to explore a way forward for your own sense of health and wellbeing.

Who are we?

Chaplains are available for all. Our Chaplaincy team currently is made up of Christians (from a number of different denominations including Roman Catholic), Muslims and Humanists..

We are normally supported in our work by volunteers from a number of different faith and belief traditions, including Humanism although during the pandemic hospital policy means that our volunteers are not able to work with us until further notice . We also hold contact details for representatives from a wide number of other faith and belief groups, who can be called in on request and as permitted during the pandemic.

Resources and support available

Alongside listening, the Chaplaincy Department holds a range of resources to support individual’s faith and belief practices, which are available to all staff, patients and visitors:

• There are chapels to find quiet ‘Breathing Spaces’ to reflect or pray at NGH (Vicker’s corridor), RHH (A floor) and WPH (1st floor). These are locked overnight for security reasons, so please request access from reception staff if necessary
.• Muslim prayer rooms are available at RHH B floor, NGH Level E off Vicker’s Front Hall and Chesterman Wing level D (Friday prayers are usually held here – but are suspended during the pandemic)
• A multi-faith prayer room is available at RHH A floor (off the chapel) and at NGH Robert Hadfield Wing (level AO)

Prayer requests may be left in the chapels in the prayer request folders.
• You may leave a patient individual referral.
• Names and prayers may be written and hung on the memory and prayer trees in the chapels.

For Christians, Bibles, New Testaments, rosaries and other prayer resources can be supplied. On Sundays and at Christmas we can arrange for Holy Communion or prayers at the bedside. We have both Roman Catholic and ecumenical Christian ministry every Sunday – please contact a member of staff who can call us.

For Muslims, the following are available: Qu’ran cubes for patients; Qu’rans in Arabic and English; Prayer mats; Prayer hijabs; Earth to be used for dry ablution (tayammum) and advice on the direction of Makkah.

Non-religious poems and readings 




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