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Pharmacy and medicines management

The pharmacy provides a comprehensive array of services with the overall aim of ensuring safe, effective and economical use of medicines throughout the Trust. 

The main focus of our role involves applying our extensive pharmaceutical knowledge to ensure that medicines are used in the most effective and appropriate way as well as reducing the incidence of any unwanted side effects.

Managing patients’ medicines involves checking prescriptions to ensure that the right medication is being used at the right dose for the right condition. Medicine safety is of paramount importance so part of our role involves regular monitoring of the patient's condition by ensuring the necessary checks and blood tests are performed.

Most importantly we help patients understand what medicines they need to take, when to take them, what they are being used for and educate them about possible side effects. When patients are unable to take their medicines for whatever reason, we work with them to find ways around the problem, for example offering liquids rather than tablets or placing the tablets in reminder trays and giving reminder cards so patients do not forget.

Pharmacy has a Trust-wide responsibility for ensuring high quality medicines management and safe and secure storage of medicines. The Medicines Management and Therapeutics Committee is the Trust committee which oversees all medicines management issues including the Trust formulary and assessment of new drugs.

Dispensary locations, opening hours and telephone numbers are:  
    Dispensary Mon-Fri Sat Sun Telephone
    Boots Northern General, outpatient dispensary, Huntsman Entrance 9am-8pm


    9am-5pm 0114 3052518
    Boots Royal Hallamshire, outpatient dispensary, C Floor, Tower Block 8.30am-7pm 9am-2pm Closed 0114 2712552
    Northern General, inpatient dispensary, C floor, Firth Block 8.30am-7pm 8.30am-7pm 8.30am-4pm 0114 2715544
    Royal Hallamshire, inpatient dispensary, C floor, Tower Block 8am-7pm 8.45am -4pm 9am-4pm 0114 2712424
    Weston Park, dispensary, 1st floor 9am-5pm closed closed 0114 2265102


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