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The Visual Electrophysiology team support our Consultant colleagues in the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases which affect the retinae, optic nerves and visual cortex. We do this by using electrodes to record the tiny electrical signals produced by the eyes and brain while our patients view alternating patterns or flashes of light. Our tests are painless and non-invasive, and provide information about how well the retinae and visual pathways are functioning. This functional information can be used alongside other diagnostic tests such as retinal imaging, visual field testing and MRI to build a complete picture of both the structure and function of a patient’s visual system.

Our clinics run at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for testing of adults, and at the Sheffield Children’s hospital for testing of under 16s.

Patient Information

Patient Information Leaflets
Patient Information Video

This child-friendly video on YouTube helps to explain what typically happens during electrodiagnostic testing:

Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing Animation – YouTube

Note that the electrode setup and the particular tests performed will vary dependent upon local protocols and individual patient requirements. Our trust is not responsible for the content of external sites.


Adults (aged 16 and over) are seen at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital Electrodiagnostic Suite. This is in the Ophthalmology Out-Patients Department on A floor.

Children (under 16’s) are seen at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Electrodiagnostic Suite. This is in Zone 2 of the Ophthalmology Out-Patients Department on the ground floor.

  Adults (RHH) Children (SCH)
Monday am/pm am/pm (aged 6 and over)


Wednesday am/pm  
Thursday am pm (under 6's)


A facility for performing ISCEV standard Electroretinography (ERG) in theatre under general anaesthesia is available at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This requires referral to an SCH consultant ophthalmologist.



We accept referrals from Ophthalmic and Neuro consultants. Our referral forms ensure that we receive all the required details to make an informed test plan tailored to each patient:

EDT Referral Form
EDT Referral Form - For Printing (alternative version for completing as hard copy and scanning)

Please email the form to us in PDF or Word document format.

Referrals for patients aged 16 years and above should be emailed to
Referrals for patients aged under 16 years should be emailed to


Complete information about referring to our service is available here: Information for Referrers.


Meet the Team

Dr Lawrence Brown, Lead Clinical Scientist

Dr Jamie Healey, Clinical Scientist

Katherine Pearson, Clinical Scientist

Laura Milner, Clinical Scientist

 Sophie Smith, Clinical Scientist

Dr Kendra Arkley, Clinical Scientist


Contact Details

Dr Lawrence Brown
Lead Clinical Scientist
Visual Electrodiagnostics
Specialist Scientific Physiological Services
Department of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

T: 0114 2711746  |  Internal 11746

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