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Nuclear Medicine

STH’s Nuclear Medicine service manages and operates a city wide clinical facility based on 3 sites. It runs a state of the art comprehensive MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) licensed Radiopharmacy which serves all STH sites along with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Doncaster Royal Infirmary as well as providing ad hoc supplies where requested for hospitals in the wider region.

We also provide scientific support services to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Barnsley Hospital and Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts and provide IR(ME)R practitioner services (Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist / ARSAC licensing) to Chesterfield Royal Hospital.


STH provides IR(ME)R practitioner services (Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist / ARSAC licensing) and scientific services to the Sheffield PET-CT centre run by an independent provider which is situated on site at the Northern General.


STH provides IR(ME)R practitioner services (Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist / ARSAC licensing), scientific support and clinical technologist services to the Sheffield University PET-MR scanner based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.


The STH 3DLab offers services including multi-modality (including CT, MR) advanced image manipulation and visualisation and production of 3D-virtual and 3D-printed models. It shares many of the same scientific team as Nuclear Medicine who work across both services. Please see the 3DLab website ( for further information on services offered or to contact the 3DLab team.

Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine

We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging and non-imaging procedures for a wide range of indications including oncological, orthopaedic and endocrine. Some examples of the tests provided include:

  • Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy
  • Thyroid and parathyroid investigations
  • Lung ventilation and perfusion imaging
  • Assessment of cardiac ventricular function
  • Renal scanning and glomerular filtration rate assessment
  • Labelled blood cell imaging for infection / inflammation
  • Liver and spleen imaging
  • GI investigations including gastric emptying and bile acid malabsorption (SeHCAT) assessment
  • Bone scanning
  • Bain scanning for some dementias and Parkinson’s disease
  • Sentinel lymph node imaging (breast cancer and melanoma).
  • We also we provide imaging support to investigator-led and commercial clinical trials.

Molecular Radiotherapy (nuclear medicine therapy)

In-patient and out-patient procedures are provided for patients from the region and beyond. These include 131-I therapy for benign thyroid disease and for the treatment of thyroid cancer; Lu-177 Dotatate and 131-I mlBG treatments for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours and Ra-223 treatments for treatment of metastatic bone disease for patients with prostate cancer.

Referral address

Please see this link for information relating to referring patients into our Nuclear Medicine service.

Clinic Times

Monday –Friday 9-5, RHH, NGH, WPH


Please contact the department to speak to one of the staff via reception: 0114 271 2779
Dr Eleanor Lorenz Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist
Dr Gayle Rutherford Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist
Mr Phil Hillel Consultant Clinical Scientist
Nuclear Medicine Physics including PET; Radiopharmacy
Ms Anna Hallam Consultant Clinical Scientist
Nuclear Medicine Physics including Molecular Radiotherapy
Prof Wendy Tindale Scientific Director of Medical Imaging and Medical Physics Directorate
Consultant Clinical Scientist (Nuclear Medicine)

For more information about this service call 0114 271 2779


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