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Contact details
621 Middlewood Road
S6 1TT
Tel 0114 232 0689

Service lead
Jane Harding

Location/s for Service Delivery
City wide, based at Fairlawns
Operating Hours 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday
Service Description

The service provides lymphoedema information, education and care to all patients registered with a Sheffield General Practitioner regardless of the cause of their lymphoedema.

The service also provides education and training to professionals who have contact with patients who are at risk of developing, or have developed lymphoedema.
The service is predominantly clinic based, but home visits can be accommodated where there is a palliative need.

Visits with Community Nurses can also be arranged to advise on the management of house-bound patients with lymphoedema. There is a waiting list for this element of the service.

Lymphoedema is not considered an emergency and there is no on-call system. Complications of lymphoedema such as cellulitis require medical management before lymphoedema treatment can be implemented.

Referral Criteria
Patients have a secondary cancer related lymphoedema

Patients have a primary lymphoedema

Patients have a secondary non cancer related lymphoedema

Where the patient has urgent and palliative needs please inform us at referral in order to prioritise treatment.

The patient has no contraindication to lymphoedema management such as:

• Suspected recurrent cancer prior to confirmation
• Untreated Heart Failure
• Hypoproteinaemia
• Untreated Infection/Cellulitis
• Untreated Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
• Hypothyroidism

Referrals to the service are accepted from medical staff, qualified nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

This service is funded for patients registered with Sheffield GP’s, referrals for patients outside this area are accepted, but responsibility from their PCT for funding must be sought before treatment commences.

Where obesity is the cause of lymphoedema, the patient should be willing to embark on a weight loss and exercise programme in order for their lymphoedema management programme to be effective.

Referral process
Referrals should be made either by letter or using the service referral form and sent by fax or mail to:
The Sheffield Macmillan Specialist Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema Service, Fairlawns, 621 Middlewood Road, Sheffield S6 1TT.
Telephone 0114 232 0689
Fax 0114 229 2949


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