Teaching and Training programmes


Speciality Trainees

The service currently employs two Speciality trainees in Special Care Dentistry. The programme is 3 years and we have an agreement with the Postgraduate Dental Deanery for matched funding for 2 specialist trainee posts at any one time.

Dental Core Training

Community & Special Care Dentistry has a post previously recognised by The Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons, England. This post is currently matched with a post at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital to create a run through DCT2 post with a one year rotation in OMFS and one year in the the salaried service, financially supported by the Postgraduate Dental Dean. The post holder spends 12 months with Community and Special Care Dental service treating special care patients supported by senior staff and there is study programme throughout the year.

Undergraduate training

We now have undergraduate dental students attending in blocks of 6-10 weeks. Each student has three placements in either salaried or general dental practice over the second half of the 4th year/1st half of the 5th. We offer 5 chairs daily at our First Park site where students see a mix of children with high levels of disease, adults from the local population and adults with special needs. On their third block dental students attend jointly with hygiene/therapy students. Students also have a programmed timetable of special care study and we offer tutorials and hands on experience.

Dental nurse training

We offer placements to trainee dental nurses as part of a recognised N.V.Q. programme, in conjunction with the Dental Hospital who provides the theoretical knowledge. The service supports post certification training for dental nurses in areas of radiography, special care dentistry oral health promotion and conscious sedation.

Dental Foundation

The service supports a Foundation Dentist (vocational training) post at our clinic in Jordanthorpe.

Trainers: Carry Anderson and Alex Shaw.

The centre is a newly constructed building with dental surgeries as part of LIFT development, where in recent years access to NHS dentistry has been poor. There are other services at the centre including Podiatric Surgery, GP services and Diabetes services.

These clinics have state of the art equipment, including digital DPT and fully computerised clinical and administrative dental systems. All our staff are friendly and experienced and provide a full range of dental services, including treatment for Special Care patients. 

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