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Contact details
Manor Clinic
18 Ridgeway Road
S12 2ST

Telephone: 0114 307 8450

Service lead
Brenda King
Tissue Viability Nurse
Telephone 0114 3054248

Location/s for Service Delivery
Various across the city

Operating Hours
08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday
Service Description

This city wide service provides expert clinical advice and management on issues relating to Tissue Viability and prevention and management of chronic wounds including leg ulcers and pressure ulcers, using best evidence based practice.

The service:

co-ordinates nurse led venous leg ulcer clinics.

provides educational programmes and resource to all health care professionals, Allied Health professionals including GPs, medical students and patient and carer groups.

develops and implements local management guidelines involved in clinical audit and clinical research.

Referral Criteria The service will accept and consider referrals from any other service, all health carer professionals, Allied health professionals, external services, independent services and contractors, patients and relatives.

Criteria for referral would be any patient with a chronic, non-responding wound, rapidly deteriorating or problematic wound, complex case, malignant wounds, needs for specialist intervention, debidement larva therapy, VAC therapy. Patients at significant risk of skin breakdown, pressure/leg ulcers.

Referral process
Referrals are accepted via phone, e-mail, fax and letter.

The following details are required:
patients name, address, age, GP, any health practitioner involved and contact numbers for patient and person referring.

type of wound and associated problems, state of wound and urgency.

Referrals are recorded as soon as received and seen in order of referral unless the referral highlights that an urgent need for an opinion is required.

Urgent cases may include rapid deterioration, significant risk of ulceration and high risk of hospital admission. Less urgent cases may be chronic, static wounds, intensive management of chronic oedema with no episodes of cellulitis.


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