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Contact details
Old Nursery Site
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road Entrance
S5 7AW

Telephone 0114 3051429 (available to staff only)
Fax 0114 3051428

Patients/carer contact service through 24 hour switchboard number 0114 271 6310

Service leads
Rebekah Matthews
Locality Service Manager
Telephone 0114 3051797

Anne Rutland
District Nurse
Tel: 0114 3051468 - Mob - 07791544708

The Evening and Night Nursing Service provides a city wide service to enable nursing care to be delivered over a 24 hour period in patients’ own homes or chosen setting. It is a responsive (not emergency) service and is not GP attached. Visits are prioritised and the service aims to visit within 2 hours if required.

The service operates 17.00 -8.00 hours. 365 days per year.

Specialist Areas
The ENS is provided city wide to patients already receiving day time services, to enable packages of nursing care to be delivered over a 24 hour period in the patients home or chosen setting.

ENS is not GP attached, is a responsive service not emergency and visits are prioritised to enable ENS to visit within a two hour time band.

ENS works closely and alongside other Out of Hours Services such as Intensive Home Nursing Service, GP Collaborative and Emergency Care Practitioners.

ENS has access to basic dressings but do not carry medication - All patients should have dressings and essential items prescribed to them by a GP or a nurse prescriber.

Patient referral criteria
All core services and enhanced services including the following:

Level 2 care
ENS provides support for Level 2 care; A& E follow ups, short packages of social support, support to IHNS, CICS, and ECP’s.

ENS provides support in residential homes and provides education/ support to staff to enable holistic care for residents.

ENS provides specialist advice and support to Nursing Homes to prevent avoidable hospital admissions at level 2.

Wound Care management
ENS attends to patients who are working during the day and cannot access their practice nurse in collaboration with day staff.

ENS excludes the following:

Diabetes management

ENS excludes late and early insulin administration as routine due to limited capacity. Referrals that would be taken as a ‘one off’, e.g. pre and post hospital appointment are accepted.

Palliative and end of life care

Syringe drivers set up or re-charged as per prescription chart. Routine 24 hour re-charges of syringe drivers should be generally carried out during the day.

Referral process
Referrals are made through faxing details to 0114 3051428. A Nurse Co-coordinator is available from 16.30 hours, contact through the 24 hour switchboard number 2716310


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