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Beech Hill Rehabilitation Unit

Beech Hill is a community rehabilitation facility based in Norfolk Park, Sheffield. The unit provides 24 hour nursing care for a short period of time for individuals who are unable to manage at home as a result of an orthopaedic condition or following a stroke.

In addition to the care provided by nursing staff, Consultant Geriatrician and General Practitioners (GPs). A patient can also receive treatment from Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, depending on their individual needs. Support is also provided by a Pharmacist.

The team work closely together and develop a tailored care plan to rehabilitate patients so they can regain their independence. As a result, patients are usually ready to return home after three weeks

The unit accommodates up to 31 adults in their own room, with en-suite shower, toilet and wash basin. Rooms are based in either the Shrewsbury Ward that cares for patients who have experienced orthopaedic problems or the Norfolk ward, that cares for patients who have had a stroke.

Visiting hours

2pm - 4pm
6.30pm - 8pm

Visiting hours are every day including weekends. Visits from family and friends are the highlight of most patients' day and can make a big difference to a patient’s recovery. We encourage people to visit, but ask if they can be within visiting hours and not during meal times.

Meal Times

Breakfast - 8am - 10am
Lunch - 12.30pm
Tea - 5pm

Snacks and drinks are served regularly and are available at any time.


Unit Manager Sarah Ballard
Norfolk Ward Sister Sarah Jeffery
Shrewsbury Ward Sister Julie Yeend
Administrator Pat Key


Reception telephone number : 0114 2261760


Beech Hill
Norfolk Park Road
S2 3QE


Contact us

Reception telephone number 0114 2261760


Beech Hill
Norfolk Park Road
S2 3QE



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