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Contact details
Michael Carlisle Centre
Froggatt Wing
75 Osborne Road
S11 9BF

Tel 0114 271 6010

Patient referral criteria

Night Care
Each night shift is from 10pm-7am, and may initially be 2-3 nights/week for those believed to be in the last 6-8 weeks of life. When this is difficult to assess, this level of care can be put in place in order to facilitate assessment of need, and would be reviewed after approximately one month. When someone is felt to be in the last 2-4 weeks of life the care can then be increased to every night, depending on the needs of each individual situation.

Day Care
If someone is felt to be in the last 2-4 weeks of life and is experiencing more settled nights, but would benefit from some assistance/care during the day, it can be possible to access a day shift as an alternative to the night care. The hours of the shift would be arranged to meet the needs of the individual, but are typically 9am-4pm.

Combination of Day and Night Care
As needs increase, the service can increase care delivery to include one day shift and a night shift every day. The timings of care would be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual, family and carers.

24-Hour Care
This level of care is usually provided for people felt to be in the last week of life. The shift patterns are usually:

Early shift 07.45 - 15.00
Late Shift 14.45 - 22.00
Night Shift- 21.45 - 08.00
(Each shift allows a 15 minute handover)

Referral process
Telephone referrals only, using the contact number above.


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