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Nail Surgery

This is available for anyone with a painful ingrowing toenail, or excessive curved nails which are causing pain.

Surgery for full or partial nail removal is carried out under local anaesthetic and normally takes about thirty minutes.

Walking aids are not usually required, although rest in the first week is important for healing. Patients are given advice and are expected to change their own dressings daily. Follow-up appointments are arranged in the following weeks.

Referrals are via the podiatry empowerment team, community podiatrists, GPs and hospital consultants.

To refer for this service please complete the podiatry application form.

Operations take place at Firth Park Clinic and Woodhouse Health Centre.

At the Clinic

All referrals for surgery are assessed within six weeks of receipt. With surgery usually following up to three to six weeks later dependant on medical status. During assessment we will require the completion of a detailed health questionnaire, circulation assessment, blood pressure check and a current list of medication.

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