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Podiatry Assistants Service

Podiatry Assistants can only accept referrals from podiatrists within the department. When a patient has been referred the podiatry assistant will follow the care plan outlined by the podiatrist that has been discussed with the patient. The patients' medication and medical history will be checked prior to treatment with any significant changes reported to the podiatrist. Podiatry assistants work in community and GP clinics, hospitals, residential and nursing homes and in patients' homes if they are completely housebound.

The Podiatry assistant's scope of practice includes:

  • The provision of foot health and footwear education to patients or their relatives or carers
  • To assist in nail surgery and nail surgery re-dressings
  • Shoe fitting service

Home visits are undertaken following a podiatrist assessment



Shoe fitting service

We have a trained shoe fitter who is able to offer advice on correct fitting footwear for any patient who is having problems with finding suitable shoes.

Please contact the Podiatry Service for further details.


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