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Contact details
Manor Clinic
18 Ridgeway Road,
S12 2ST

Tel 0114 3054390

Service lead
Mandy Higginbottom
Clinical Manager
Telephone 0114 3051560

Location/s for Service Delivery
Home of patient
Clinics – Firth Park Clinic, Park Health Centre, Dovercourt surgery.

The Community Respiratory Team provides specialist nursing management, support and education to residents registered with a Sheffield GP that have been diagnosed with a respiratory condition.

The team support patients by providing primary intervention including clinical assessment, spirometry with interpretation, medication management, lifestyle support, education and referral onto appropriate supporting services.

The team aim to

 Provide holistic care to all patients with a respiratory diagnosis.
 Offer training and support to primary care health professionals in the management of respiratory conditions.
 Improve the overall quality of life for patients with a respiratory diagnosis.
 Where possible minimise disease progression and improve life expectancy of patients with certain respiratory conditions.
 Maximise symptom control.
 Develop patients self management skills.
 Empower patients and carers to make informed choices through improved knowledge and education.
 Reduce inappropriate admissions to secondary care.
 Reduce patient’s length of stay in secondary care.
 Reduce the number of GP appointments and home visits required.
 Provide palliative care support and advice through the end of life.

Patient referral Criteria
Referral into the team can be made for any patient with a respiratory diagnosis who:

 Is registered with a Sheffield General Practitioner.
 Is over 18 years of age.
 Has had a recent or has had recurrent respiratory related hospital admissions.
 Have frequent exacerbations of their condition.
 Is having an exacerbation of their condition and requires specialist respiratory nurse intervention and monitoring.
 There is diagnostic uncertainty over condition.
 Remains uncontrolled and symptomatic despite review by their practice nurse, case manager, etc.
 Requires further advice/education around their condition and its treatment.
 Is housebound and requires assessment of their capillary blood gases in a stable condition when they are receiving long-term oxygen therapy, with type 1 respiratory failure.
 Is at the end stage of their condition and requires palliation of symptoms.

The team also provide advice, support, education and training to other health professionals caring for patients with respiratory conditions.

Referral process

Referrals into the service are via Single Point of Access (SPA).


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