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According to a recent poll, 79 per cent of people think it is important for the NHS to carry out clinical research – whilst less than three per cent think it is unimportant.

Giving patients and members of the public opportunities to take part in clinical research is important to us, as without their support and commitment breakthroughs in medicine simply wouldn't be possible.

What's involved

Taking part in a clinical trial could be as simple as filling out a questionnarie or giving a blood sample. Or it could involve trying out a new treatment or drug that could help you manage your illness better.

Research helps doctors and clinicians understand how particular diseases work, and this can be pivotal in extending and improving the lives of thousands of people suffering from illnesses across the world.

From bench to bedside

Research also enables us to make life more comfortable for our patients. So while we look for a cure for devastating illnesses such as cancer and motor neurone disease, researchers can improve the quality of people's lives through groundbreaking treatments such as the diaphragm pacing system.

This device - which is currently being trialled by researchers from the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience - uses electric pulses to strengthen the diaphragm, aiding breathing in patients suffering with motor neurone disease.

Cancer research

For information about ongoing cancer clinical trials in the region, including Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster and Rotherham, visit the North Trent Cancer Research Network here.

Remember that it's vital to talk to your doctor or specialist nurse about any information on trials that you have found in the registers.

Find out more

Anyone interested in taking part in clinical research at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust should call 0114 226 5935 or email You can also search for research by keyword/location by visiting the NIHR Be Part of Research website, or sign up to be contacted about coronavirus vaccine studies.



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