£1.3m cancer research and treatment suite

The £1.3m cancer research and treatment suite at Weston Park Hospital provides cancer patients with ‘gold standard’ cancer treatments and facilities in a warm and welcoming environment.

The bright, airy suite includes a main treatment area with 10 comfortable, reclining chairs for patients having cancer treatments that may last for several hours and a new private consulting room, which gives additional space for hospital staff to talk to and assess patients and give the latest information about chemotherapy treatments and research.

There are also two private bedrooms, including one with en-suite facilities, for any patients benefiting from new treatments who need to stay in the unit for longer periods of time.

Pioneering treatments

The unit is able to treat twice the number of patients as was previously possible, giving even more patients access to pioneering drugs and treatments.

It is located on the first floor of Weston Park Hospital.

How unit has helped one patient

Lynne Levey, 65, of Fulwood who is suffering with ovarian cancer says the new research and treatment suite at Weston Park Hospital has made a “massive difference” to her life.

Lynne said: “I was absolutely blown away by how peaceful and calm the unit was, and meeting new people on the unit has really helped. Cancer is a club that no-one wants to join, but I’m a great believer in positivity because it’s the only way forward.

“When I first came to the new research and treatment suite I didn’t know what to expect, but from the moment I sat down everyone was so kind and I knew I was going to be well looked after.

“The new suite is so calming and peaceful, and everything is so well thought through – the comfy chairs and the restful decor just helps to make the treatment easier.”


The unit was funded by the members of the public, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Westfield Health.



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