Your Medical Records

Your doctor and other health professionals caring for you (e.g. nurse or physiotherapist) keep records about your health and treatment so they are able to provide you with the best possible care.These records are called your ‘Medical Record’.

Your Medical Record may be stored in paper form or electronically on computer databases, and can include information such as:
• Your name, address and date of birth
• Details of your next of kin or named emergency contact
• Details of your hospital appointments
• Notes about your health and any treatments and/or procedures you have undergone
• Test results – e.g. laboratory and X-ray results

How you can arrange to see or have copies of your own Medical Records

The Data Protection Legislation entitles you to view or obtain copies of the information contained in your Medical Records.

If you would like to see or obtain a copy of your Medical Records you will need to make a written subject access request, For details on how to apply please click here

More information about your rights under the Data Protection legislation can be found here




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