Moving on to adult services (Transition)

What does the word 'transition' mean?

Transition, as we mean it here, is the process or period of changing from medical care received at a children’s hospital to moving into adult hospital services. It is a process or period of change for which clinical staff, patients and their families may require additional support which we can offer.

Information for Young People

Why do I need to transition?
Children and Young Adults have different needs. The Doctors and other Professionals at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals are best placed to meet those needs as you become an adult.

When does it happen?
The timing of when you transition to adult services should be based on you. If you have long-term health needs the planning for transition to adult services should begin by the time you are 13 or 14 so there is plenty of time for preparation. Most young people will move to adult services at 16, for others it may be a little later. Your health teams will discuss this with you.

What differences will I see with adult services?
The main difference will be you making your own decisions about your health. You will be able to see your health team without your parents/carers and the team will ask you about this. However, if you want family to be with you for appointments that is also fine.

Will the adult service have information from Sheffield Children’s Hospital?
Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals work together to make your move to adult services as smooth as possible. Sheffield Children’s Hospital will pass all important information to your new team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Many Children’s services offer a transition service where specialist nurses work with you to find out about you and make sure the team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals know all about you too. Some services will create a transition plan so you know exactly what will happen at each stage of the move to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

At Sheffield Teaching Hospitals you will be given a named worker to contact in your healthcare team. You can speak to them if you have any questions or worries.

There is also a transition team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and a Registered Nurse for Children and Young People at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to help young people transition. They can be contacted if you have any difficulties or questions about transition.

What happens during transition?
Most specialisms use the Ready Steady Go programme to help identify your needs and agree a plan to support you through the process. Information on this can be found here.

Will I be able to visit the adult service before my care transfers?
Many of the teams will arrange visits for young people. If you have any difficulties arranging this, please contact the Registered Nurse for Children and Young People at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals who can help.

Who do I contact for support or queries regarding my transition?
Your named worker within your health team will be the best person to contact. The Registered Nurse for Children and Young People, Kirsty Morris, on 0114 226 7285 can also help or email the Transition Team at

Information for Parent/Carers

I’m worried I will no longer have a role in my child’s health. What can I do?
From the age of 16 years many young people are able to make decisions regarding their healthcare without parental consent. However, if the young person would like the support of family members, that is fine. There may be times when health teams encourage discussion with family, although the young person does retain the right to confidentiality. For this reason, it is usual practice for the healthcare team to spend part of the consultation with the young person without the parent(s) or carer(s) present.

In the case of young people who do not have the capacity to make decisions on their own, the healthcare team will discuss with you the decision making processes set out by The Mental Capacity Act 2004 and the role of family. If your child is approaching 16 years or is over 16 and you feel this issue is relevant to your child, please discuss with your healthcare team who will advise further.

My child has multiple health needs and I am worried their care won’t be coordinated. What systems are in place to ensure their needs are met?
Communication is essential when multiple specialities are involved in the care of a patient. The Registered Nurse for Children and Young People works closely with colleagues in children’s services to ensure a smooth transition and can be contacted if there are any concerns.

If my child is admitted to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals will I be able to stay overnight?Who do I contact for support or queries regarding my child’s transition?

Usually parents/carers do not stay overnight. If there are any circumstances where you feel this is essential, please discuss with the Nurse in Charge of the ward. If it is a planned admission, please discuss this at pre-admission appointments.

The named worker for your child within the clinical speciality will be able to offer support and advice throughout the transition process. Further support can also be obtained from the Registered Nurse for Children and Young People Kirsty Morris on 0114 226 7285 or her team

Transition - Arts in health

We have been working closely with our Arts in Health Team and would urge you to visit their webpage for further information. We hope that many of our young adult patients will join the team in a safe space where you will gain new digital skills and meet other like-minded young adults.

Leaflets and information

We have created some leaflets to tell you and your family about what we do and how we can help you and your family when you move to our adult services.

Find our full range of leaflets and resources below:

Moving on to adult services– a guide for young people and their families about transition (PDF)

Moving on to adult services– a guide for young people and their families about transition (Easy Read)


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Further questions

If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to talk to a member of staff. They will be happy happy to help on 0114 226 7285 or



Additional Information

Contact numbers

Hospital Wards
0114 226 9696 (State the name of the ward when prompted)

Charles Clifford Dental Hospital
0114 271 7800

Jessop Wing Maternity Hospital
0114 271 1900

Northern General Hospital
0114 243 4343

Royal Hallamshire Hospital
0114 271 1900

Weston Park
0114 226 5000

Who should I speak to if I have any further questions or concerns?

If you need any extra help or have any questions whilst you are attending the hospital please discuss this with the nurse looking after you or with the senior sister. If the senior sister is not available please ask staff to contact the Matron or Lead Nurse for the area.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss any concerns with the Patient Services Team please call them on 0114 271 2400 or by email on

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