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Our pledge to continually improve patient safety

Sign up to Safety is a national patient safety campaign to help the NHS in England build a safer NHS and address the problem of unsafe care and avoidable harm.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has pledged to improve patient safety as part of the national campaign, Sign up to Safety.

So far, over 200 organisations have pledged support and are committed to improve the safety of healthcare through personalised Safety Improvement Plans. These outline the actions that will be taken in response to five Sign up to Safety pledges.

Our Safety Improvement Plan focuses on specific clinical areas where we already have good practice but we want to do even better for our patients.

  • improved recognition and timely management of deteriorating patients
  • improved care of patients
  • a reduction in incidents of Sepsis and Acute Kidney Injury
  • a reduction of cardiac arrest rates
  • improved communication and transfer time of critical patient information

Dr David Throssell, Medical Director, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust , said: “By joining Sign up to Safety, we are continuing our commitment to all patients and staff in Sheffield and the region that we are placing the safety of patient care above all else.

“We will achieve this by continuing to learn and improve and focusing on the areas where we can make care even safer. We will focus our efforts and concentrate on a small number of priority areas where avoidable harm can be reduced for the majority of patients.”

Suzette Woodward, Sign up to Safety Campaign Director, said: “Our ambition is for the whole NHS in England to become the safest healthcare system in the world and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is playing a critical part in helping to achieve this.

“We are committed to supporting the NHS to place patient safety first. Patient safety is the organising principle of high quality healthcare; only safe healthcare services are truly efficient, effective and able to offer the best experience to patients and carers. We will allow people to work on the things that matter to them and keep local solutions localised but enable shared learning nationally for others to adapt.”

The five Sign up to Safety pledges are:

  • Put safety first. Commit to reducing avoidable harm in the NHS by half and make public the goals and plans developed locally.
  • Continually learn. Be more resilient to risks as an organisation, by acting on the feedback from patients and by constantly measuring and monitoring how safe services are.
  • Be Honest. Be transparent with people about progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong.
  • Collaborate. Take a leading role in supporting local collaborative learning, so that improvements are made across all of the local services that patients use.
  • Be Supportive. Help people understand why things go wrong and how to put them right. Give staff the time and support to improve and celebrate progress.

About Sign up to Safety

The vast majority of the care people receive from the NHS is safe, but sometimes things do go wrong and harm happens. As with any high risk industry, a focus on continuous learning about what it takes for a system to be safe is essential. Across England, people are taking proactive steps to observe and improve how they deliver care so that they can learn how to make it safer. Sign up to Safety is a NHS-wide campaign to unite this work under a shared aim – to reduce avoidable harm by half and save 6,000 lives – helping to improve systems and empower each person to play their part in improving care.

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About patient safety in England

Sign up to Safety is one of a series of safety initiatives being launched by the Department of Health, borne out of recent reviews into safety in the NHS including The Francis Review and Professor Don Berwick’s report A Promise to Learn a Commitment to Act which highlighted the need for the NHS ‘to become, more than ever before, a system devoted to continual learning and improvement of patient care, top to bottom and end to end’.

Several initiatives are working in partnership to establish and deliver a single vision for the whole NHS to become the safest healthcare system in the world.

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