PROUD to Work Together

Introducing the patient inclusive version of our PROUD Behaviour Framework.

We know that in order to deliver the best quality care, it is important to nurture a respectful two-way relationship between ourselves and our patients. To better reflect this ethos, we have adapted our PROUD Behaviours framework to include what we expect from patients in addition to what they can expect from us.

It was developed in partnership with community groups and patient representatives who picked out the original PROUD Behaviours most relevant to patients and visitors. This forms the: ‘You can expect us to…’ section, which is written in a way that is relevant and clear for patients. 




What is new, however, is the patient behaviours presented as the 'We need you to ..' sections. These include reminding patients about how they should already be behaving, such as: "Never intimidate anyone or be aggressive"; but also highlights things they can do to ensure they have the best experiences of care, such as: "Let us know if you have any needs for your appointment, such as an interpreter or someone to support you."









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