We appreciate that, as a patient, understanding your condition and treatment can have a positive impact on your recovery.

We want our patients and their carers to be involved as much as possible in the decisions about treatment and aftercare. One way to do this is to help you understand what’s happening from the start. Trust staff are available to talk to you about your care and will do this in an open and honest way, so please ask.

The information leaflets that you will find on the following pages are about conditions, treatments and services provided by our hospitals. They are written by health professionals across the Trust and are reviewed regularly to make sure all the information is up-to-date. We always welcome comments from patients to ensure they are easy to understand and jargon free. If you would like to comment on one of our leaflets, please complete our short patient information leaflet survey.

Please feel free to print off any leaflets you find that you think may be of use to you in the future or watch one of our videos.


Additional Information

New Patient Videos

Visit our new video library to find out more about your health condition, care and hospital services.

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