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Frequent Feedback

To ensure we continually monitor patient experience and give people the opportunity to provide ‘on-the-spot’ feedback, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals run an active frequent feedback service. A team of volunteers visit wards across the Trust daily to talk to patients and collect opinions on their experience using hand-held digital devices.

The Frequent Feedback system has the flexibility to collect and analyse data on the essential aspects of patient experience with questions specific to each location. This allows clinical staff and managers not only to monitor the overall performance of their area, but provides the facility to check how a specific improvement initiative has affected the patient experience.

The system provides many benefits to our patients, the main advantages of implementing continuous real time monitoring include:

  • Patients and visitors are able to comment on the spot regarding their experiences
  • Increases the number of patients having the opportunity to provide feedback
  • Continuous and timely information is available at Board and ward/department level, enabling ongoing improvement of services and early detection of problems
  • Ability to monitor and track the effect of service improvements
  • Enables resources and attention to be focused where they are needed
  • Compliments and support other forms of feedback such as the Friends and Family Test  and complaints data to get a more robust account of patient experience

The surveys are carried out by volunteers. The use of a neutral party helps reduce the risk of a response bias, which can occur when the people who are delivering care are seeking responses from those dependent on their care.

How is the feedback used?

Data from surveys is collected and sent directly to each area to allow staff to see what patients think about their service. This helps staff to see where improvements are needed. Data is also used in the quarterly Patient Experience Reports (LINK).

Does the Friends and Family test replace the NHS complaints procedure or other forms of feedback?

No, this will not replace our current complaints procedure or other forms of feedback. For more information on how to make a complaint please follow this link Tell Us What You Think




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