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The team developed the Rapid Access Clinic for Babies (RAC) to make it quicker and easier for Community Midwives to access support for families of new-born babies who have lost weight or are jaundiced.

Community Midwives work closely with the Rapid Access Clinic team and can refer any baby for a full assessment by an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (ANNP) on the same day. After the baby is assessed, the team work with the parents to develop a full feeding and follow up plan and in most cases mother and baby are able to return home within a couple of hours.

Caryl Skene, Consultant Nurse in Neonatology, said: “It can be a worrying time for families if their new-born baby has lost weight and/or are jaundiced, and we want to offer reassurance and support as quickly as possible to eliminate that anxiety and make sure the baby is well.

“The rapid access clinic has allowed us to make hospital beds available for women that need them. It has also improved the quality of experience for women and their families and we are able to provide quicker, better care for babies.”

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