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The Patient Safety Zone is an initiative developed within laboratory medicine at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and supported by Clinical Effectiveness Unit which promotes high quality, safe, respectful care as well as ensuring protection for our patients. The Patient Safety Zone is achieved by having a defined set of principles which staff must perform while in the presence of the patient - within the ‘patient safety zone’.

These principles are:

  • Staff introduce themselves by name
  • Patients are asked by staff to state their name and date of birth before any action is performed and checked against the documentation. If the patient is unable to state their name and date of birth, the wristband must be checked
  • All non-urgent interruptions and distractions are reduced

In 2016, the Patient Safety Zone team showcased this [video] at the international IHI conference in Gothenburg which demonstrates the principles of the Patient Safety Zone. Other video resources that highlight the importance of correctly identifying the patient can be viewed here.

The Patient Safety Zone has proven to improve quality, and patient satisfaction as well as patient safety in many outpatient areas across Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the team are now working alongside the Sheffield Microsystems to embed these principles in to in-patient areas.

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