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Our Hydration and Nutrition Assurance Toolkit (HANAT) which was developed to ensure the best nutrition and hydration practice in our hospitals for patients was rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

The toolkit provides guidance and support to ensure staff can deliver best practice in terms of nutritional screening; the management and presentation of food to patients; patient information; specific equipment needed to maintain good nutrition and hydration; specific patient needs such as swallowing difficulties and artificial feeding methods.

Jo Sessions, Specialist Practitioner in Oral Nutrition and Hydration said: “Nutrition and hydration are some of the most fundamental aspects of care. In hospital patients are vulnerable and need extra consideration in food and drink to help them get better. The Hydration and Nutrition Assurance Toolkit supports this by helping staff examine their nutrition and hydration practices.”

The Trust also has over 100 Nutrition Champions across the organisation to support staff and patients.

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