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 Active Recovery aims to reduce un-necessary hospital admissions and facilitate the timely discharge of more complex patients from hospital.

 The service had redesigned the traditional model by assessing patients in their own home, rather than assessing them in hospital prior to discharge. 

The new model, known as Discharge to Assess, has resulted in reduced length of stay for patients and improved patient flow within the hospital, and is recognised nationally as exemplary practice for older people’s care. 

One team from Active Recovery achieved a significant reduction in hospitalisation of more than 15,000 bed days by redesigning processes.

Professor Tom Downes, Consultant Geriatrician, said: “Our main diver was to provide the best possible care and experience for frail older people.

“Every day my patients tell me they don’t want to be in hospital any longer than absolutely necessary and research shows that patients have a better chance of retaining independent living if they are discharged home as soon as they no longer need hospital care.”


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