Talking your language

If you do not speak English and need to have an interpreter for your appointment, please ask someone who speaks English to telephone the ward or department you are visiting. This telephone number should be on your appointment letter. 

Most interpreting is now done via the telephone on the ward or clinic. Only in exceptional circumstances will we offer a face to face interpreter.

Accessible Information

If you have a disability which affects your ability to communicate please let us know.  We are able to provide support such as a British Sign Language Interpreter and provide information in an alternative format if this is required.

A guide to the Accessible Information Standard (BSL Video)

External interpreting service

If you'd like to assist as an interpreter, you can find one of the external services careers page here



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Additional Information

Why wait for an operator?

Our new telephone system connects you straight to the ward or department you need.

Simply call:
0114 226 9696
and then state the name of the ward or department when prompted.

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