Leaving Hospital

We try where possible to enable patients to leave before 11am on the day of discharge. 

When you go home your family doctor will be given details of your treatment and of any follow-up attention which you may need. It is important that you tell ward staff if you have changed your family doctor recently.

Before you leave check the following:
  • Please tell the nursing staff you are going before leaving the ward.
  • Give the duty nursing staff the address to which any correspondence should be forwarded.
  • If you have to come back to attend an Outpatient Clinic check the arrangements.
  • Make sure that you have collected any cash or valuables that you handed over for safe keeping, including pension books.
  • Ensure that you know what your transport arrangements are.
  • Make sure that you have collected all medicines and/or dressings which you need to take home. If you need a medical certificate for work then ask the ward staff to provide you with one.
  • Please check that you have not left any belongings in your bedside locker.
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to bring in suitable clothing for you to wear when you leave.

If you are at all worried about going home then please talk to your nurse who will be able to help you.

Sick notes

If you need a sick note after the first seven days of your illness please tell your nurse who will arrange this for you. Remember, you may also need one to cover you once you have left hospital, make sure that you ask for one before you go home.



Additional Information

Why wait for an operator?

Our new telephone system connects you straight to the ward or department you need.

Simply call:
0114 226 9696
and then state the name of the ward or department when prompted.

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